Welcome to the home of bowls (a.k.a., lawn bowling) in Southern California. The Southwest is one of seven divisions of Bowls USA.

New to the sport? Everything you'll need to know is contained in the Introductory Manual to Lawn Bowls.

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Bowls USA Grant Program

The Grant Program provides funds for 100% Bowls USA clubs to promote club development and to assist recruiting and retaining members. Grant funds may be used for projects that are intended to attract new members or to improve the playing experience of the club.

The submission deadline is June 30th.

Learn all the details on this Bowls USA web page.

Recent Winners

PBA Membership Reminder

Frank Souza, U.S. Professional Bowlers Association Membership Representative, reminds those who want to bowl in PBA events must submit membership dues. Details here.

PBA Is Coming to SoCal

The Professional Bowls Association (PBA) is coming to California and invites you to join.  The three singles tournaments and one pairs will be held August 19-24, 2017, at Laguna Woods.  Please contact Frank Souza at frslb1up@cox.net to join in the fun.

The PBA presents an opportunity to play in a World Championship against the best players in the world.

Phil Dunn provides more details about the PBA.

 World Cup Indoor Singles 

This prestigious international singles tournament was held March 14‑22 in Warilla, NSW, Australia. The U.S. was represented by our own Scott Roberts and Margi Rambo. Scott reports the happenings on his blog below:

Scott's Blog

The section results pages that include the U.S. entries are posted here:

Women - Men

The link to the host club: Warilla Bowls Recreation Club.

 Tiger Bowls World Invitation & China Tour 

The U.S. is represented in this March 11‑22 international event in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China, by:

Bob Birkinshaw -  SC Mary Ann Beath SC
Patrick Chan -  SW Cheryl Barkovich SW
Kay Tong -  SW Alice Birkinshaw SC
Marcus Zeino -  PI Betsy Lauryssen SW


Team PBA Women did it again! A Bronze in the China Tour!



Team PBA Men just missed qualifying for the quarterfinals in the tie breaker with Canada.
The teammates are: Patrick Chan (SW), Bob Birkinshaw (SC), Kay Tong (SW), and Marcus Zeino (PI).


Congratulations to Team PBA Women for taking the Bronze in the
Tiger Bowls Championship Cup!


More about the tournament on this Bowls USA page.

The World Bowls Chamionships

Read Scott Roberts' Blog here.

"The pinnacle event of the bowling world, the World Championships are held every four years. Top qualifying countries will send their men's and women's teams to Christchurch to decide the World Champions 2016 Men's and Women's fours, triples, pairs, singles, Men's overall Champion Country, and the Women's overall Champion Country."

The competition was Nov. 29 - Dec. 11 in Christchurch, NZ.
(event website)

FULL RESULTS:   Men - Women
(click on tabs for specific events)

Team USA Results:

Women’s Singles: Kim: 6th
Women's Triples: Anne, Janice & Candy: 6th
Women’s Fours: Anne, Janice, Michele & Candy: 4th
Men’s Pairs: Charlie & Aaron: 5th
Men’s Triples: James, Scott & Phil: 6th
Men's Fours: Charlie, James, Scott & Aaron: 3rd

Details of the tournament and Team USA participants are provided here on the Bowls USA website.

U.S. Players
  Phil Dunn (SW) Michele Arculli (NE)
  James Flower (SW) Janice Bell (NW)
  Charlie Herbert (SW) Candy DeFazio (SW)
  Scott Roberts (SW) Kim Heiser (SW)
  Aaron Zangl (SW) Anne Nunes (SW)
    Margi Rambo (SW)
    Linda Roberts (SW)

Congratulations Scott!

Sports Illustrated Magazine recognized our own Scott Roberts in its November 21st issue:

US Open Has Concluded in Sarasota, Florida

The Southeast Division hosted the Open and will host again in 2017. The Grand Finals were Saturday November 19th.
Full details are posted on this website.

The World Singles Champion of Champions

The competition was November 14-20 in Queensland, Australia.

(Queensland is 18 hours ahead of Pacific Time)

The U.S. was represented by 2015 National Championship Singles winners Anne Nunes and Bill Brault.
For full tournament information, click here. (note: player lists and
match details will download as Excel spreadsheets)

Match Schedule (PDF file).
Charts with U.S. results: MEN - WOMEN - WOMEN FINALS

The National Championships Have Concluded

The Championships in Sun City, Arizona, concluded Sunday October 30, 2016.
Match results are posted here. (click on "Draw and Results")

Kottia and Dee won the Women's Pairs
Scott won the Men's Singles
Steve and Bill won the Men's Pairs
Margi won the Women's Singles.

It was a clean sweep for the Southwest! (Wow!)
Thanks to Rodger Green (South Central) for Photos

Team USA Competed vs Canada in the
North American Challenge, Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2016 website

Seven trophies were awarded:

Men's Folkins - Canada
Women's Folkins - Canada
Men's Jarvis - Canada
Women's Jarvis - USA
Combined Folkins - Canada
Combined Jarvis - Canada
Overall - Canada

U.S. Players
  Matt Bauchiero (SW) Michele Arculli (NE)
  Tony Baer (SW) Janice Bell (NW)
  Bill Brault (SW) Alice Birkinshaw (SC)
  Phil Dunn (SW) Candy DeFazio (SW)
  James Flower (SW) Kim Heiser (SW)
  Charlie Herbert (SW) Anne Nunes (SW)
  Sean McMorris (SW) Margi Rambo (SW)
  Grant Shear (SW) Linda Roberts (SW)
  Brian Stewart (SW) Alexis Vanden Bos (NW)
  Kay Tong (SW) Anna Witt (CE)

Alhambra News (from Cheri Cabot's Facebook post)

September 27 - WE WON!! It has been an emotional and difficult 9 months, but we won! We will be losing one of our greens, and that is fine, but here is the good news; we will be getting a newly refurbished green that has now a carpeted green that was destroyed by the city. New natural turf green, new sprinkler system (that actually works) and lights!! We will be getting lights that actually work. The entire area around our greens will be refurbished and landscaped. New and additional basketball courts (not right next to us fortunately) and in the area that is currently our natural turf green will be picnic tables, benches and shaded areas. What a relief. We will continue to have lawn bowling in Alhambra!

World Bowls Applies for IOC Recognition

World Bowls seeks International Olympic Committee recognition of the sport of Bowls.

Read about it here.

Internet Radio Interview - Scott Roberts and Aaron Zangl

On Monday April 25 at 1-2 PM (Pacific), Scott and Aaron explained our sport and got the word out about the May 7th open houses during Marsha Wietecha's internet radio show, "Born To Talk".

It's archived here.

Team USA Competed in the World Cup Indoor Singles
in Warilla, NSW, Australia, March 15-23, 2016.

Our own Scott Roberts represented the men and took the Bronze
Congratulations Scott!
The Northwest's Alexis Vanden Bos represented the women

Scott Roberts' blog