This page is your one-stop shop for division and Bowls USA documents.

2018 Tournament Schedule  
Men's By-laws and Standing Rules The current version of the SWLBA governing document
Men's Blue Book
(revised 2016)
Rules for SWLBA-sponsored tournaments and points criteria for men's Standings
Women's Constitution and By-laws
(revised 2016-01-30)
The current version of the SWWD governing document
Women's Tournament Manual
(revised 2016-05-29)
Rules for SWWD-sponsored tournaments and points criteria for women's Standings
Bias Chart A diagram showing the relative paths taken by various bowls
Greens Maintenance Manual  
Laws of the Sport The worldwide rules (established by World Bowls)
Additional U.S. rules (established by Bowls USA)
Game Arrangements Manual
(revised 2014)
Guidance for tournament directors
Marker's Instructions Markers assist in Singles games
Super Shots Claim Form Find it on this Bowls USA web page
World Bowls Intro. to Lawn Bowls Learn lawn bowling from the world organization