LADIES' DAY (prior to 2015)


December 10, 2014 Ladies' Holiday Luncheon at Laguna Woods

Wow! What a great day we had at Laguna Woods!  We deviate from our traditional white clothing to Holiday Casual on this occasion which adds to the festivities. There was quite a group of us - 107 ladies in attendance, some for lunch only and some for bowling also.

There were delicious goodies laid out for us and the greens were all set up and with that many people we used almost the whole of both greens.  Some ladies had never bowled on this type of surface before, so it was a learning experience for them.

We had two definite winners and they were announced at the luncheon and presented with their prize dollars!  I have attached their pictures.

1st Place Jan Hargraves Jeannie LeRoy Eula Casselman
2nd Place Olga McCord Oi Ling Kwan Freddie Hinson

Freddie is 91 years old and can still hold her own in this game - way to go Freddie!!

We all brought wrapped gifts that we donated to be raffled off, which benefits the SWWD Division. Several ladies took on the task of selling tickets and Cheri Cabot announced the winners.  If you had a winning ticket you could go up to the gift table and select anyone of them that appealed to you.

All this took place while we helped ourselves to the wonderful buffet that was set up for us.  Ellie Orewyler, again took on the task of getting all the tables set up, complete with a Poinsettia on each, which someone at each table won and was able to take home. She was also responsible for setting up the morning refreshments and letting those that set up the greens for us, know what we needed. Thank you so much from all of us!

Charlyn Moltane played the piano while we ate and then gave us a very funny rendition of a new bowler and everything there is to learn, with helpful hints coming from everywhere! Brought back lots of memories in all of us, I'm sure.

That's it for this year.  Next years schedule starts again in March at Santa Anita.  I will have the complete schedule available at the AGM for the Delegates to post at their clubs.  It's been a great year for me.  I have met so many great gals and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.  Thank you so much for your help and your patience as I learned the ins & outs of organizing Ladies' Days.  I had so much fun, I'm doing it again for 2015!


Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

Ladies' Holiday Luncheon at Laguna Woods - December 10, 2014

November 19, 2014 Ladies' Day at Sun City

I said I couldn't promise that we would have good weather but Sun City lived up to it's name - it was a beautiful day indeed.  We also had the smiling faces of several gentlemen as they served up the breakfast goodies & lunch that was provided by our Sun City ladies.  The maintenance department set up lots of colorful umbrellas around the green and tables on the patio & our set-up crew did their magic and had the 5 rinks that we needed all set up for us - how did they know?!?

This time we had participants come from Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Casta del Sol, Lake Hodges, Redlands, Hemet, Riverside & of course, our own Sun City.  

Thanks to the SWWD for increasing the donation, whoever won, received at least the cost of the days bowling and in most cases MORE!  

The 12 end game in the morning was won by the following ladies:

1st Place Paula Bellone Lorraine Brockway  
2nd Place Gail Hodgson Sharene Green Dottie Lewis
3rd Place Georgie Deno Alice Birkinshaw  

The afternoon 10 end game was won by:

1st Place Melanie Vizenor Dottie Lewis Earline Edwards
2nd Place Cecile Langevin Sharene Green  
3rd Place Gail Hodgson Bernie Crabtree Lorraine Brockway

Looks like we had a few of the same ladies win both in the am & pm - good bowling!!

The last Ladies' Day of the year is the Christmas Luncheon/Bowling at Laguna Woods on December 10th.  It is really important that I receive the list of names of the participants from your club by December 3rd so that I can let them know the next day what our count is. You can send me a copy of that sheet by e-mail - please include whether they are attending the luncheon only or will be bowling and what position they prefer.  Then by Sunday the 6th I must have the final information - there will be no additions after that date.  The cost for both the lunch & bowling is $12 and it would be very helpful to have everyone paid by the deadline.  How to make out the check and where to send it is listed on the sign-up sheet.  You can find that on the website if you don't already have it.

Lunch will be served at Noon, so we are moving check-in time for bowling to no later than 8:30 am so that we can be finished in plenty of time.  The dress for this day is Holiday casual and don't forget to pass on to those attending that we are requesting the donation of a wrapped gift to be included in the $1 per ticket raffle.  The funds from this fun time benefits our SWWD treasury.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

Ladies' Day at Sun City - November 19, 2014 (full-size)

More Photos shared via Dropbox

October 15, 2014 Ladies' Day at Newport Harbor

It was a lovely day at Newport Harbor yesterday.  The forecast was for 'mist' in the morning but after a few clouds the sun came out with a gentle breeze and all was well.  I even arrived in plenty of time with lighter than usual traffic - was it a holiday ?!?!

Hospitality outdid themselves as usual with lots of choices for morning coffee as well as at lunch time.  The green was already set up for us on rinks 2 through 5.  I had my score cards numbered 1 through 4 & used the same for the draw chips for leads & vices.  They figured that out easily.  Well, for the afternoon, I thought I would fix that & used numbers 2 through 5 in the draw chips but forgot to change the score cards.  I sure caused a lot of confusion!  But after explaining what I did, they considered the source & the game was underway!

Before the morning game got started we played the SPIDER.  After all the bowls were rolled, some hit the jack & each others bowls, the one that wound up the closest was Shirley Price's and she won the $5!

The winners for the first game of 12 ends was:

1st place - Joanne Hedgespeth, Bernie Crabtree & Yvonne Cannon
2nd place - Cathy MacDonald, Carol Smith & Carole Gray
3rd place - Margi Rambo, Gloria Montes & Jean Cochran

The afternoon game of 10 ends was won by:

1st place - Cecile Langevin & Joan Phillips
2nd place - Joanne Hedgespeth, Emily Carpenter & Amy Chan
3rd place - Margi Rambo & Gloria Montes

I think everyone enjoyed themselves so you can all make plans to join us at the last two Ladies' Days of this year and they are Sun City on November 19th and our Christmas Luncheon & bowling on December 10th at Laguna Woods.  I usually don't send out the flyer for the next LD until after the previous one is done.  However, with less than a month between the next two I will be sending out the Christmas flyer and sign-up sheet around the beginning of November, so watch for it and get it posted at your club.

Hope to see you all soon.

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

August 20

Ladies' Day at Newport Harbor - October 15, 2014 (full-size)

September 24, 2014 Ladies' Day at Santa Ana

I look forward to these Ladies' Days.  It is a chance to get better acquainted with the ladies from different areas of Southern California whom we seldom see or maybe see at tournaments, where we are focused on the day and don't get to visit much.

Our trip took us a little longer than usual.  The GPS took us to West Memory Lane instead of East.  So by the time we figured out how to get to the correct place it was a little after 9 AM.  Thank goodness Angie Salgado had everything under control.  Everyone was checked in, paid, patiently waiting and taking advantage of the delicious goodies provided by Hospitality.  Thank you so much.

The information I sent to Angie indicated that we would need only 3 rinks but when I made a few changes to my game plan with some additional ladies it worked out that we had 2 triples & 2 doubles. Thanks to the Set-Up Crew, we immediately had a 4th rink.  And Jan Hargraves stepped in to give me a hand when it came time to get the prize money together for the winners of both the morning & afternoon games.  It turned out to be a pretty WARM day so I thank everyone for hanging in there.

Prize money was won by the following:
AM - 1st Pl:   Lenora Jackson, Joanne Hedgespeth and Eula Casselman
         2nd Pl: Charlyn Moltane, Sheila Conti and Amy Chan
         3rd Pl:  Margi Rambo and Shirley Cooper

PM - 1st Pl:   Margi Rambo and Mary Clark
         2nd Pl: Charlyn Moltane, Joann Hedgespeth and Shirley Cooper
         3rd Pl:  Shirley Price, Gloria Montes and Amy Chan

The next time we get together for Ladies' Day is October 15th at Newport Harbor.  The weather should be cooler by then so mark your calendars and lets make this a big day.  While you have your calendars handy, put November 19th at Sun City in there and the final one for this year is the Christmas Luncheon and bowling in the morning at Laguna Woods on December 10th.  Hopefully you will be able to make all three. The schedule and next month's LD flyer is on the SW website I am also attaching the flyer for October.

See you next month!

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

August 20

Ladies' Day at Santa Ana - September 24, 2014 (full-size)

August 20, 2014 Ladies' Day at Laguna Beach

What a great day it turned out to be, but it didn't start out that way for us here in the Inland Empire. It was rain, hail, lightning & thunder from about 2-6:30 am!  I checked the Weather Channel for Laguna Beach and it said clear, sunny & about 75 degrees, so off we went and so happy we did!

Laguna Beach LBC is in such a pristine area, we all look forward to going there.  And this time we had 47 ladies in attendance.  The greens were all set up for us and we spread out, using both.   The Hospitality Committee and everyone that brought delightful refreshments - thank you so much.  We all enjoyed and appreciated them.

The morning game wound up with a tie for 1st place between the teams of Cheryl Barkovich, Sandra Schlosser & Amy Chan and Dixie Vanderloop, Elizabeth Austin & Marlene Carpenter.   2nd place was a doubles game with Carol Poto & Diana Justin taking the prize.

The afternoon game had 3 separate winners with Carol Poto, Bernie Crabtree & Mary Freeman taking 1st place; Dixie Vanderloop, Sarah Case & Nancy Stewart in 2nd place; and Shirley Price, Mary Porter & Jan Shoemaker coming in 3rd.

We're so glad that Shirley is able to actively bowl again and she was a big help to me this time since I was delayed a bit.  We miss Evelyn Lucero who always came to Ladies' Days.  Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers as she battles Cancer.

The next Ladies' Day is on September 24th at Santa Ana LBC.  The reason it's on the 4th Wednesday is because the U.S. Open takes up the third week.  I am including a copy of the flyer for Santa Ana.  Please print and post it at your club.  Let's see if we can keep up the great attendance.  If you need a copy of the schedule for the rest of the year you can print it from the website.

See you all next time!!

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

August 20

Ladies' Day at Laguna Beach - August 20, 2014 (full-size)

June 18, 2014 Ladies' Day at Holmby Park

What a great day we had at Holmby Park.  The setting was beautiful, with the Coral Tree and it's red flowers, the Lillies of the Nile purple blooms, the big Bird of Paradise and other foliage surrounding the green.  Since this is close to Hollywood we had several open tour buses coming around.  Maybe it will promote some interest to check out the game we were playing and find out why we were all dressed in white!

The hosting ladies did an outstanding job with Hospitality - lots of choices for both early morning and lunch time.  The green was set up for us to start the games and we did, 'almost' on time.  We had a few last minute changes with bowlers & I forgot to remove the chips for the rink we were not using so the leads had to draw again!  But it was all handled in a few minutes & we were on to trial bowls.

We are able to pay three winners now, both AM and PM, with the increase in prize donation from SWWD.  However, because of a problem with one of the cards, I am unable to accurately list the winners, but I know all those receiving a prize envelope was happy with the BIG MONEY!

There is no Ladies' Day scheduled for the month of July.  In August we will be going to Laguna Beach.  Be sure to download the flyer from the SW website and post at your club.  This also is a beautiful location and August should be the perfect time to come and enjoy a day close to the ocean.  The parking is metered, so bring some change.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again.

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

March 19 Ladies' Day at Santa Anita

Ladies' Day at Holmby Park - June 18, 2014 (full-size)

May 21, 2014 Ladies' Day at Long Beach

Another terrific day, this time at the Long Beach LBC.  It was quite a bit cooler than the last couple of months but it didn't deter our enthusiasm.  Isn't this weather crazy!?!  The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom and they made a beautiful backdrop.

There were 39 ladies from 9 clubs, which gave us 6 triples and one double.  I shared a game with Shirley Price who was able to attend for the first time after her fall and we were so happy to see her!

We enjoyed coffee and some delicious goodies before we got started and there was plenty of salads, desserts and fruit to enhance the lunches that we all brought.  Thank you so much for the Hospitality.  And we can't forget to thank those that made sure everything was set up on the green for us when the time came to get started with the game.

We had a total of $192 in prize money to split between the AM & PM games and these are the winners!

    1st place - Joanne Hedgespeth, Candy DeFazio & Ann Kirchberg
    2nd place - Mary Thompson, Bernie Crabtree & Jean Winfield
    3rd place - Heidi Fernandez & Terrie Ferretti

    Tie for 1st place - Cheryl Barkovich, Ellie Orewyler & Jean Winfield
                                  - Dee McSparran & Candy DeFazio
             2nd place - Nancy Doss & Ann Kirchberg

Next month will be at Holmby Park in West Los Angeles.  I am including the flyer so you can print it & post at your club and pass the word along to encourage more ladies to attend.  It's a great way to get acquainted.

See you next month!

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

March 19 Ladies' Day at Santa Anita

Ladies' Day at Long Beach - May 21, 2014 (full size)

April 16, 2014 Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol

Another super fun day with 28 ladies in attendance. We had 5 first time attendees & since we all had a good time I'm sure they will be coming back for future Ladies' Days.

The weather was gorgeous, the hospitality was great and thanks to the gentlemen for setting up the green for us. I even saw a couple of the men doing dishes!!

In the morning games we had one clear winner & a tie. In the afternoon, we had 2 sets of ties so we actually paid out 4 prize envelopes. The raising of the SWWD prize money has made a nice difference.

I think I am making progress in putting names & faces together. In looking at the picture I can name almost everyone. Give me a couple more times & I'll be able to call you all by name. Now learning what club you are with may take me longer.

I hope that you all plan to go to many of the Ladies' Days. Talk with some of those that have attended & they'll tell you about all the friends they are making.

See you in Long Beach on May 21st.

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

March 19 Ladies' Day at Santa Anita

Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol - April 16, 2014 (full-size)

March 19, 2014 Ladies' Day at Santa Anita

We held the first Ladies' Day of 2014 at Santa Anita and it was a great success.  There were 38 ladies in attendance from 10 Southern California Clubs.  Of the 38 there were 5 at their first Ladies' Day and we hope it won't be their last.

It was a beautiful day, just like we ordered and the setting at Santa Anita with the flowering trees is beautiful, as well.  A big THANK YOU to them for their hospitality.

With the increase of the SWWD contribution to the prize money the winners in both the morning and afternoon games were very pleased.  This was my fledgling day as coordinator of this event and thanks to the help I received from a couple gals, I think I shall be able to carry on.

I am looking forward to more of the same with as good, if not better, attendance!  Come on out and enjoy. 

Micky Alexander
Ladies' Day Coordinator

March 19 Ladies' Day at Santa Anita

Ladies' Day at Santa Anita - March 19, 2014 (full-size)

December 18, 2013 Holiday Luncheon at Laguna Woods

November 20, 2013 Ladies' Day at Sun City

The count at Sun City on November 20 was small but the enthusiasm was large! The AM game had 16 count which meant Australian Pairs could be played…and for some it was a first time event. In the PM game, three Triple games were played with two teams having 11 points to tie for first place.

In between games, the men members of Sun City hosted the lunch room offering delicious chicken tortilla soup and other home-made goodies.

Next up is the Holiday lunch on Wednesday, December 11. As in other years, it will be at Laguna Woods with the luncheon in Clubhouse #2 near Gate #12. Flyers and signup sheets are posted at each club with more details. However, all reservations are due by December 5 as Laguna Woods must have the names of all guests.

See you all December 11 and thanks for a great year of Ladies' Day!

Shirley Price

Ladies' Day at Sun City

Ladies' Day at Sun City - November 20, 2013

October 9, 2013 Ladies' Day at Newport Harbor

The attendance on Wednesday, October 9, for Ladies' Day at Newport Harbor was 30 women from eight clubs. Rain was forecast but the turnout included Micky Alexander and Nancy Doss from Sun City and Pauline Renshaw and Barbara Clark from Hermosa Beach. A short rain shower in the second game took us off the green for a few minutes so a Happy Birthday was sung to Freddie Hinson of Long Beach who then cut the cake celebrating her 90th birthday.

The morning game winners were Pauline Renshaw, Jean Winfield and Nancy Doss in 1st place…Pauline Kozma, Patty Lucas and Christy Diller in 2nd…and Jan Hargraves, Sandy Focht and Evelyn Lucero. The afternoon game was ten ends due to weather and winners were Dee McSparran, Jackie Huisman and Dottie Lewis…2nd game winners were Pauline Renshaw, Sally Cadwallader and Harriet Bemus... while 3rd team was Shirley Price, Jean Winfield and Christy Diller.

The next Ladies' Day will be Wednesday, November 20, at Sun City. Please make an effort to get a carpool together to support the Sun City ladies who have come to EVERY Ladies' Day this year except Santa Monica.

Club delegates will be contacted shortly regarding next year's Ladies' Day schedule. If for any reason your club cannot participate, or if your club WANTS to be included, please let me know.

Our Holiday luncheon will be December 11th at Laguna Woods. This is the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Shirley Price

Newport Harbor Ladies' Day

Ladies' Day at Newport Harbor - October 9, 2013

September 11, 2013 Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol

Weather-wise – much cooler…attendance – 25 Southwest Women's Division members from eight clubs evenly divided into skill levels of Skips, Vices and Leads. The AM game of 14 ends was won by Dee McSparran, JoAnn La Frenais and Carrie Reach, a novice from Newport Harbor. The 10-end game after lunch also was won by Dee with Mary Thompson in a Pairs game. Let's hope the winning by Dee will continue during the Scottish-USA Test Match Series scheduled for September 17-19!

The next Ladies' Day will be at Newport Harbor LBC on Wednesday, October 9 (sign-up sheet attached). Please note this is again the second Wednesday of the month due to our busy SW Division tournament schedule.

Shirley Price

Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol

Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol - September 11, 2013

August 21, 2013 Ladies' Day at Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach hosted Ladies' Day on August 21 and thanks to all who made it a very successful day. Heather Stewart discussed measuring and some of the rules while Maryna Hyland followed with some rules of etiquette.

Attending were 46 SWWD members from eight clubs and since the men of Laguna Beach took over the lunch duties, all women were able to participate in the games.

Upcoming dates: Thursday, September 5, is the Fall meeting of SWWD.

Elections for next year's officers will be held and the meeting will be at the Long Beach LBC at 11 AM. Lunch will be served. Please be sure that your club delegates will be there or have arranged for a proxy.

Wednesday, September 11: Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol. Each club should have a flyer posted for signup (copy attached).

Tuesday-Thursday, September 17-19: 2013 Scotland/USA Test Series at The Groves, Newport Harbor and Laguna Beach respectively. Plan a carpool to see some great matches and support our members.

Saturday-Saturday, September 21-28, will be the U. S. Open at various venues.

Shirley Price

Ladies' Day at Laguna Beach

Ladies' Day at Laguna Beach - August 21, 2013

June 19, 2013 Ladies' Day at Santa Monica

The attendance may have been small but the 24 members from seven clubs had a fun day with many laughs, good food and getting acquainted with the three "first timers". Santa Monica and Holmby Park each had eight members attend while the remaining eight carpooled from Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, Long Beach and Santa Anita.

The morning Triples game of 14 ends was won by Betsy Lauryssen with help from Chris Dunn and Lucy Brewer. The afternoon 12-end game of "No Short Bowls" also was won by Betsy and Chris with Molly Smulian as lead.

It definitely was beach weather with delicious salads and desserts and, as always, the Santa Monica hospitality was great. Terrie Ferretti cannot return to bowls for a few more weeks, but greeted everyone and handled the check-ins. Dixie Vanderloop and her crew made sure everyone had plenty to eat and a big thanks also goes to Amo Garcia for setting up the greens and taking the photo which is attached.

There will be no Ladies' Day in July but members are encouraged to sign up and participate in the Pairs Playdowns in Santa Ana which start July 13th.

The next Ladies' Day will be in Laguna Beach on August 21 and flyers will be sent in late July.

Shirley Price

Ladies' Day at Santa Monica

Ladies' Day at Santa Monica - June 19, 2013

December 12, 2012 Holiday Luncheon at Laguna Woods


Holiday Luncheon

Our 2012 SWWD Holiday Luncheon was, as always, a day of good fellowship and camaraderie. The weather was "our kind" and 72 members played Triples on the Laguna Woods greens from 9-11 AM.

We were greeted at the clubhouse by pianist Charlyn Moltane playing Christmas selections and 19 more members arrived to make a count of 91 having a delicious lunch. President Melanie Vizenor with help from Vice President Georgie Deno "ran" the raffle tickets for the gifts…Charlyn performed her now classic skit…and Shirley Price bestowed Treasurer Dee McSparran with a small trophy titled "Always Giving Back".

There were many first-timers there including Ann Loranger of Casta del Sol who won the quilted holiday tabletop runner made and donated by Heather Stewart.

In 2013 the first Ladies' Day will be held at Santa Anita LBC on Wednesday, March 20th, so mark your calendars now.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our SWWD members!

Shirley Price

November 14, 2012 Ladies' Day at Sun City

Ladies' Day at Sun City on November 14 was a bright, warm day. While 23 members from eight clubs were present, ten were from Sun City…a club which has consistently attended the Ladies' Day events this year. Also, it is the third club this year where the men have taken over the lunch duties so their members can participate.

The date of 12/12/12 is easy to remember as the SWWD annual Holiday luncheon at Laguna Woods. Check in at 8:30 AM for bowls 9-11 AM.

If you can attend the luncheon only, plan on arriving at 11 AM as lunch will be served at 12 NN. Information and sign-up sheets have been sent to club delegates and the cost of $12.00 per person remains the same as prior years.

Also, if weather is unsuitable for bowls that morning, then we will see you at 11 AM…the place is same as other years, Clubhouse #2 at Laguna Woods, entrance at Gate #12.

Come join us and get in the Holiday spirit! Shirley Price

Ladies' Day at Sun City

Ladies' Day at Sun City - November 14, 2012

October 17, 2012 Ladies' Day at Newport Harbor

The attendance on Wednesday, October 17, for Ladies' Day was 32 women from eight clubs and the cooler temperature was appreciated.

The next Ladies' Day will be Wednesday, November 14, at Sun City. Please print and post the attached sign-up flyer at your clubhouse and encourage participation.

December 12th is the annual Holiday Luncheon at Laguna Woods and Jan Hargraves reminded members to bring a gift for the raffle. It should be new and wrapped.

USLBA has provided a copy of "The Lawn Bowls DVD Coach" to each club. If your club does not have a copy, please contact Heather Stewart. It is to be rotated among members and covers all areas of bowling expertise from novices to those more experienced.

Shirley Price

September 19, 2012 Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol

A big thank-you to Casta del Sol for hosting the September 19 Ladies' Day. It was a pleasure to return to their lovely facility and the members did a great job of welcoming. Our thanks to Mary Thompson, president of Casta del Sol, for making all the arrangements.

In attendance were 26 members from ten clubs and while the temperature was high, so was the enthusiasm. And a thank you also to Colleen Jenkins and Sandy Focht from our club who attended.

The next Ladies' Day will be at Newport Beach club on Wednesday, October 17th.

Notices have been sent and are posted at each club. Please encourage new bowlers to attend.

Other dates for SWWD events to finish this year are Ladies' Day at Sun City on November 14th and our Holiday luncheon on December 12 at Laguna Woods.

Shirley Price

2011 Holiday Luncheon

Ladies' Day at Casta del Sol - September 19, 2012

August 15, 2012 Ladies' Day at Laguna Beach

On August 15, 34 SWWD members from 11 clubs enjoyed Ladies' Day in the cooler weather at Laguna Beach. Sun City arrived with three and Newport had the most with nine attending. The men from Laguna Beach hosted the hospitality, being responsible for the green setup with many umbrellas…the lunch menu with delicious desserts (along with Heather's Heavenly Hash)…and the cleanup both inside and on the greens. A "treat" provided was a cooler packed with water and a sign reading, "Free to the ladies, with love, from the men."

The next Ladies' Day will be hosted by Casta del Sol LBC on September 19. This is an easy to reach gated community in Mission Viejo. The flyers being sent to delegates include driving directions, so get your carpools together and try to include a "first timer" for Ladies' Day.

Shirley Price

June 20, 2012 Ladies' Day at Santa Monica

While Shirley is on vacation, she will be happy to hear that ladies of the SWWD were graciously welcomed by members of Santa Monica LBC for yesterday's Ladies' Day. Representatives of clubs from Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Holmby Park, Long Beach, Newport Harbor, Oxnard and Santa Monica donned their whites and graced the green with a 14-end game in the morning and a 10-end game after lunch. With only one first-time Ladies' Day participant, there were several ladies who enjoyed their first time to Santa Monica LBC.

Kudos to Terrie Ferretti and Cheryl Barkovich for being so organized and time-efficient with the Draw. Thanks to Dixie Vanderloop, Barbara Wallace and their hospitality helpers for a lovely lunch spread. Club President Stu Bell came to welcome the group and take the attached photo. Member and greens keeper Amo Garcia was there to set up the rinks and help wherever needed. There were even a few club member spectators.

Next month takes us to San Diego LBC located in beautiful Balboa Park. Please print and post the attached sign-up sheet at your clubhouse. Most importantly, encourage ladies of your club to participate. They're sure to enjoy the experience of bowling on different greens with other friendly ladies of the SWWD.

Happy bowling,

Dee McSparran

May 16, 2012 Ladies' Day at Long Beach

The weather was a Spring day at its best in Long Beach and the North green was fast, which made it quite a contrast for those used to slower greens. Eleven clubs were represented with 40 playing the AM 14-end game and 37 in the PM 10-end game.

The Long Beach members are always hospitable and Wednesday the men were in charge, meaning not only they do the set up of the greens, but also prepared and served the lunch, did the kitchen clean-up and put away the equipment. Such commitment means the ladies of the club can bowl without trying to get food ready or be concerned with anything other than having fun on the green!

The next Ladies' Day will be Wednesday, June 20, at Santa Monica. Their club delegates, Terrie Ferretti and Dixie Vanderloop, will be handling the reservations and all details are on the Ladies' Day flyer.

Shirley Price

2011 Holiday Luncheon

Ladies Holiday Luncheon at Laguna Woods - December 12, 2011

Hermosa Beach

Ladies Holiday Luncheon at Hermosa Beach - June 15, 2011
We had 38 women - a fun time had by all

Ladies Holiday Luncheon 2010

In the last event of SWW, 14 clubs were represented at the Annual Holiday Luncheon. A total of 76 bowled and 92 attended a catered lunch at Laguna Woods. Many presents were raffled off and a good time had by all.

St. Patrick's Day Luncheon

Santa Anita on St. Patrick's Day
Anita Talanian, Lucy Jackson, Dorothy Thielges, Eileen Morton, Daphne Balistreri
enjoyed the SWWD Ladies' Day event at Santa Anita LBC on St. Patrick’s Day,
bowling two blind-draw triples games with top-notch bowlers from throughout
the Southwest Division.
(photo by Shirley Price)

July 15, 2008 at Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor - July 15th, 2008
42 Women Representing 10 Clubs

April 16, 2008 at Santa Anita

Santa Ana - April 16th, 2008