Bowls USA Newsletter Editor-in-Chief (our own Cheri Cabot) explains the process (dark background) below. Cheri sent additional information on May 8 (white background).


Hello Bowlers!

  I am pleased to announce we are adding a second Editor for the Southwest Division! Cynthia Murry from the San Diego LBC will begin accepting submissions immediately. Here is her e-mail address:

  Ronald Neef will continue to be an Editor for the SW Division, but such a large division needs more than one editor. You can send your submissions to either Editor.

  All that being said, it is time to start sending in your articles and photos to your division editor. Please send articles in Word and photos in jpg. Don’t forget to add the event as well as names (left to right) to the photos. Without that information, I can't post the photos.

  I am particularly interested in photos and articles from the SW Open. They can be sent directly to me at All other submissions should be sent to your division editor.

Hello Bowlers!

I’d like to tell you about the changes in the Bowls USA Newsletter and introduce you to your new Division Editor.

First, the Newsletter will be published bi-monthly (every-other-month) starting the end of March.

Second, you will now send all your newsletter submissions to your new Division Editor. Unless they tell you differently, your “drop-dead” deadline will be the 20th of the second month. So, your deadline for the March newsletter will be March 20. Moving forward, your deadline for the next newsletter will be May 20 and so on. Anything submitted later than the “drop-dead” deadline will not be published until the next newsletter, no exceptions.

Monthly Bowls USA column contributors will still send submissions to me at the regular e-mail address.

Your Southwest Division Editor is Ronald Neef. Please send all your submissions to him at this e-mail address:

Please send all submissions as Word Docs and all photos as jpg.

Thank you,

Cheri Cabot
Editor-in-Chief, Bowls USA Newsletter