Beckley 2 Bowl Mixed Triples

Beckley 2-Bowl Mixed Triples - RESULTS

Santa Monica
2017 - Jun 11 (flyer)
1 Ivan Hyland Ed Quo Maryna Hyland
2 Charlie Herbert Phil Dunn Candy DeFazio
2 Grant Shear Barry Hayes Joanne Hedgespeth
4 Marty Bierman Corey Vose Linda Lou Vose
5 James Flower Stuart Bell Jackie Fleming
Santa Monica
2016 - Jun 12 (flyer)
1 Grant Shear Barry Hayes Patricia Hayes
2 (tie) Ian Ho Eva Lee Rosa Baer
2 (tie) Jim Flower Stuart Bell Betsy Laurrysen
4 Robert Busciglio Steve Alessi Flor Wright
5 Phil Dunn Cheryl Barkovich Corey Vose
Santa Monica
2015 - Jun 7 (flyer)
1 Bill Brault Anne Nunes Bob Nunes
2 Rick Gregory Debbie Gregory Dee McSparran
3 Marinko Tudor Alan Ngo Margi Rambo
4 Ian Ho Eva Lee Candy DeFazio
5 Victor Green Joe Siegman Cheryl Barkovich
Santa Monica
2014 - Jun 8 (flyer)

A Flight (10 teams)

B Flight (6 teams)

1 Charlie Herbert Bill Brault Anne Nunes 1 Jim Lundy Barbara Wallace Corey Voce
2 Ian Ho Eva Lee Candy DeFazio 2 Cecil Bator Rudy Uribe Catherine Uribe
3 James Flower Stuart Bell Linda Lou Burton
Santa Monica
2013 - Apr 28 (flyer)

A Flight (10 teams)

B Flight (6 teams)

1 Phil Dunn Brian Studwell Betsy Lauryssen 1 Herb Glazeroff Steph Johnson Rich DeCoudres
2 Ed Quo Rick Gregory Dee McSparran 2 Amo Garcia Marty Bierman Jackie Fleming
3 Fan Hung Ka-Yiu Yu Alan Ngo
Santa Monica
2012 - Apr 22 (flyer)

A Flight (10 teams)

B Flight (4 teams)

1 Ed Quo Anne Nunes Dee McSparran 1 Cecil Bator Linda Lou Burton Zev Zilbertson
2 Neville Sacks Joe Siegman Cheryl Barkovich 2 Amo Garcia Jackie Stanley Ray Spiro &
Dixie Vanderloop
3 Phil Dunn Jim Flower Chris Dunn  
  Target Shoot Winners - Keno Shaw & Fred Robles
One Word "Wet"

I think many people will look back and say that was the wettest day I have ever bowled (hopefully fondly). It was a shortened tournament to only 2 rounds of a scheduled 4 rounds.

We had quite a few people that wanted to keep bowling but it was pretty nasty weather. A bad day of bowling is still a good day!
Santa Monica
2011 - Oct 11
1 Charlie Herbert Kim Heiser Ryan Neptune
2 Marinko Tudor Margi Rambo Juanito Jones
3 Bruce Phillips Dale Goodmanson Agnes Goodmanson
4 Stuart Bell Barbara Wallace Terrie Ferretti
5 Brian Stewart Jan Hargraves Eric Mattern
6 Bill Wolff Cheryl Barkovich Frank Lowree

Santa Monica
2010 - Oct 11

A Group (10 teams)

1 Ian Ho Eva Lee Kotia Spangler Anne Nunes
2 Tony Baer Stu Bell Marty Bierman Amo Garcia
3 Bill Hiscock Len Wasserman Dee McSparran Olga McCord
B Group (6 teams)
1 John Arbogast Jan Davis Don David Reggie Rook
2 Paul Kennedy Robert Kennedy Chris Kennedy Hildegard Kennedy
3 Colin Stead Cecil Bator Linda Bator Linda Lou Burton