Ralph Ecton Triples

Ralph Ecton Triples - RESULTS

Gary Crispin - Sue Sullivan - Bruce Phillips
2017 - Jul 9 (flyer)

14 Entries

1 Bruce Phillips Gary Crispin Sue Sullivan
2 Kay Tong Keno Shaw Lou Cohen
3 Denny Ryan Gloria Brown Jim Matlock
4 Howard Horowitz Cheryl Barkovich Betsy Lauryssen
5 Victor Green Dewey Tse Angel Rocha

2017 Players (full size)
Cecil Bator - Marty Bierman - Linda Lou Vose

Note:  There was a tie between team 5 and team 6 with 2W+9 points each.  To break the tie total points were used for these two teams. Team 5 won and ended up with 2W+13 points.
2016 - Jul 10 (flyer)

16 Entries

1 Marty Bierman Cecil Bator Linda Lou Vose
2 Scott Roberts Linda Roberts Corey Vose
3 Phil Dunn Kay Tong Grant Shear
4 Jim Flower Stuart Bell Sean McMorris
5 Patrick Chan Dee McSparran Victor Green

2016 Players (full size)
Linda Roberts - Corey Vose - Scott Roberts

Note: There was a tie between third and fourth place that was decided by using total points. Also, there was a tie between fifth and sixth that was decided by total points.

(full size)
2015 - Jul 26 (flyer)

12 Entries

1 Scott Roberts Linda Roberts Corey Vose
2 Sam DeLisle Mary DeLisle Hugh Finley
3 Rob Humphrey Jim Nash Duncan McQueen
4 Marty Bierman Cheryl Barkovich Rick Gregory
5 Particia Cronshaw Chris Kennedy Hildegard Kennedy

2015 Players (full size)
Rick Gregory - Marty Bierman - Cheryl Barkovich
2014 - Aug 10 (flyer)

16 Entries

1 Marty Bierman Rick Gregory Cheryl Barkovich
2 Scott Roberts Dee McSparran Linda Roberts
3 Amador Martinez Gloria Brown Joe Brown
4 Barry Pickup Bud Viard Norm Wiles
5 Sean McMorris Schuman Chan Keno Shaw
6 Mary DeLisle Sam DeLisle Hugh Finlay

2014 Players (full size)

On August 10, 2014 the Oxnard/Joslyn LBC hosted the Ralph and Marie Ecton Memorial Triples Tournament. We had 48 bowlers from many clubs in the SWD represented. Amador Martinez was the tournament chairman, a job which he has done for many years now. Place winners were determined by wins plus points with a 10 point cap. The 4th and 5th place winners ended up with a tie of 2W+12 points. The tie was broken by using total points giving the 4th place team 17 points.

2013 - Jul 6

16 Entries

1 Amador Martinez Gloria Brown Fred Robles
2 Armand Escalante Mike Newton Rich Purcell
3 Joe Siegman Stan Bloom Bill Reidy
4 Scott Roberts Dee McSparran Linda Roberts
5 Ron Creager Tory Smith Steve Goodmanson
2012 - Jul 7 (flyer)
1 Ed Quo Kelly Warren Candy DeFazio
2 Barry Pickup Bud Viard Arnon Blau
3 Sam Delisle Mary Delisle Bill Patrizzi
4 Liam Courtney Keno Shaw Stan Bloom
5 Jim Morton Eileen Morton Doris Sneddon

2012 Ecton Triples