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Sun City - Sunday, April 2, 2017 (Canceled)

Don Goodrich Senior Triples - RESULTS

Sun City
2017 - Apr 2 (flyer)

This event was canceled due to greens conditon

Sun City
2016 - Apr 3 (flyer)

A Green (6 teams)

B Green (5 teams)

1 Howard Harris Christine Ludwig Brenda Wright 1 Bruce Williams Lou Cohen Jim Olsen
2 Rick Gregory Dee McSparran Debbie Gregory 2 Gary Johnston Mike Mensing Ron Johnston
3 Melanie Vizenor Shirley Jacob Gerrie Giseburt 3 Bill Kagan Verna Wallace Jim Semanek
Sun City
2015 - Mar 14 (flyer)

A Green (10 teams)

B Green (10 teams)

1 Howard Harris Christine Ludwig Brenda Wright 1 Terry Collins Bill Timms Vern Konen
2 Rick Gregory Debbie Gregory Angie Salgado 2 Tony Head Brenda Head Jim Semanek
3 Bob Birkinshaw Dee McSparran Alice Birkinshaw 3 Carol Robbins Bud Shelley Barbara Wimer
A Green B Green
  Christine Ludwig - Howard Harris - Brenda Wright   Vern Konen - Bill Timms - Terry Collins

2015 Players
Sun City
2014 - Mar 8 (flyer)

A Green (14 teams)

B Green (12 teams)

1 Melanie Vizenor Shirley Jacobs Gerrie Giseburt 1 Roberto Moran Gregg Gattuso Richard Reid
2 Eileen Lancendorfer John Arbogast Tom Davis 2 Gail Hodgson Fred Robles Christine Collins
3 Howard Harris Christine Ludwig Brenda Wright 3 Linda Blanche Micky Alexander Jim Semanek
4 Houdini Ho Marinko Tudor Steve Dowd
Shirley Jacobs - Melanie Vizenor - Gerrie Giseburt Roberto Moran - Gregg Gattuso - Richard Reid
Sun City
2013 - Mar 16 (flyer)

A Green (10 teams)

B Green (8 teams)

1 Chuck Cooper Irene Branski Allan Einhorn 1 Chuck Brandt Tom Walling Patt Henry
2 Bill Timms Vern Konen Chuck Nesejt 2 Tony Head Mike Hart Barbara Hart
3 Paul Gresbrink Angie Salgado Joe Egerer 3 Mike Bright John Ruelas Wanda Ruelas
4 Gregg Gattuso Boyce Stringer Richard Reid
Allan Einhorn - Irene Branski - Chuck Cooper Chuck Brandt - Patt Henry - Tom Walling
Sun City
2012 - May 9 (flyer)

A Green (6 teams)

B Green (8 teams)

1 Jim Semanek Evelyn Tiel Verna Wallace 1 Bud Shelley Jo Ann Lafrenais Don Gray
2 Leonard Wasserman Chuck Cooper Bob McMahon 2 Linda Blanche Micky Alexander Barbara Hart
3 Terry Collins Brenda Wright Greg Hammons 3 Chuck Brandt Mary Asay Steve Hagerth
4 Mike Bright Jim Popevis Keith McIntosh 4 Bill Goring Mike Hart John Derbique

The 2012 tournament, originally scheduled for Sunday March 18th, was cancelled due to weather.
Since no weekend dates were available, it was played on Wednesday May 9th.

Sun City
2011 - Mar 12 (flyer)

West (8 teams)

East (8 teams)

1 Houdini Ho Steve Dowd Dick Ashmore 1 Patt Henry Wanda Ruelas John Ruelas
2 Terry Collin Brenda Wright Leonard Wasserman 2 Bud Shelley Jo Ann Lafrenais Dori Mayer
3 Bob Hill Bob Pickering Pat Pepin 3 Carol Robbins Rob Robbins Theota LeDonne
Dick Ashmore - Houdini Ho - Steve Dowd Patt Henry - John Ruelas - Wanda Ruelas
Sun City
2010 - Mar 13 (flyer)

Gray Green

Tan Green

1 Paul Gresbrink Frank Moltane Joe Egere 1 Rob Robbins Theota LeDonne Carol Robbins
2 Albert Schmid Gisela Schmid Laurel Verning 2 Bud Shelley John Thatcher Jo Ann LaFrenais
3 Terry Collins Brenda Wright Vernon Konen 3 Joe Bender Joe Ramos Tom Young
4 Andy Kerr Chet Mueller Joe Molleta
Sun City
2009 - Mar 15

A Flight (10 teams)

B Flight (12 teams)

1 Marinko Tudor Steve Dowd Houdini Ho 1 Bo Bowbeer Larry McDonald Fred Kodnar
2 Paula Bellone Jo Mumma Judai Melton 2 Christine Ludwig Chuck Cooper Margaret Cooper
3 Joe Moletta Chris Kennedy Hildegard Kennedy 3 Paul Gresbrink Tom Glass Rose Blennov
4 Bob Schmalholz Albert Schmid Gisela Schmid Roberto Moran Jack Bruce Vern Konen
Sun City
2008 - Mar 8

A Flight

B Flight

1 (tie) Reinie Kramer Kim Heiser Larry Hood 1 Bob Hill Theota LeDonne Charlie Cole
1 (tie) Michael Siddall Tony Baer Rosa Gandara 2 Dave Rahm Joe Rahm Doris Rahm
3 Gary Fischer Jim Christensen Terry Baade 3 Evelyn Tiel Dee Kessler Art True
4 Chris Booth Ed Quo Anne Nunes Bob Pickering Pam Munson Pat Smith
Sun City
2007 - Mar 3
1 Jim Olson Robin Olson Bob Nunes
2 Bill Goring Bob Hill John Horsley
3 Vlatko Petrovic Harry Dickinson Alan Power
4 Evelyn Tiel Dee Kessler Boyd Jordan
5 Roger Teske Terry Collins Larry McDonald
6 Amador Martinez Ron Zenone Doris Snedden

About the Don Goodrich Senior Triples Tournament...

Since our club is part of a senior community with membership limited to persons 55 or older, we decided more than 10 years ago that it would be appropriate to host a tournament for seniors. The first event was in 2004 and limited to bowlers 65 or older, but now has an age 55 limit. Don Goodrich, a fine bowler, was club president in 2004 and had previously held various offices, and had won three Men's Singles titles and two Mixed Doubles. The tournament was renamed in Don's honor after his death in 2006.

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