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Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Mixed Triples - RESULTS

2017 - OCT 8 (flyer)

(14 teams)

1 Bill Hiscock Javier Gomez Olga McCord
2 Abraham Pinella Randy Hatfield Ginger Hatfield
3 Howard Harris Keno Shaw Christine Ludwig
4 Anne Nunes Robert Busciglio Candy DeFazio

Bill Hiscock - Olga McCord - "Bill" - Javier Gomez.

Abraham Pinella - "Bill" - Ginger Hatfield - Randy Hatfield

Keno Shaw - "Bill" - Howard Harris - Christine Ludwig

Candy DeFazio - "Bill" - Anne Nunes - Robert Busciglio
2016 - OCT 15 (flyer)

(12 teams)

1 Anne Nunes Robert Busciglio Candy DeFazio
2 Greg Hammond Brenda Wright Peter Ritchie
3 Lou Cohen Tom Taylor Shelley Cohen
4 Bill Hiscock Javier Gomez Berie Grobe
5 Steve Smith Bill Brault Kim Heiser

(Bill Hiscock) - Anne Nunes - Robert Busciglio - Candy DeFazio.

Peter Ritchie - Brenda Wright - Greg Hammond

Lou Cohen - Shelley Cohen - Tom Taylor

Bill Hiscock - Berie Grobe - (not shown - Javier Gomez)

Kim Heiser - Bill Brault - (not shown - Steve Smith)

2015 - OCT 17 (flyer)

(14 teams)

1 Steve Smith Bill Brault Kim Heiser
2 Scott Roberts Ed Quo Linda Roberts
3 Ian Ho Kottia Spangler Eva Lee
4 Dee McSparran Liam Courtney Anne Nunes

Bill Hiscock - Kim - Steve - "Bill" - Bill B.

Bill Hiscock - Linda - Ed - Scott - "Bill"

Kottia - Bill Hiscock - Eva - "Bill" - Ian

Bill Hiscock - Anne - Dee - "Bill"

It started out with a drizzle but ended up with a dazzle as Team Steve Smith, Bill Brault and Kim Hieser defended and won their 3rd Championship in the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Mixed Triples Tournament yesterday. The "dazzle" came when that very championship hinged on the very last bowl of their Game 4 against Tournament Namesake Bill Hiscock, with teammates Tony Santos and Olga McCord, who were holding the 2 points that would lead to a win against them.....then, Steve Smith coolly rolled a perfect last bowl zigging right into the head and changing it up for his team's victory.

2014 - Oct 5 (flyer)

A Green (8 teams)

B Green (8 teams)

1 Steve Smith Bill Brault Kim Heiser 1 Gerhardt Vogel Bill Killingsworth Gerrie Giseburt
2 Howard Harris Leonard Wasserman Christine Ludwig 2 Stan Silver Javier Gomez Pauline Lyon
3 Liam Courtney Anne Nunes Dee McSparran 3 Eileen Lancendorfer Tom Davis Jackie Huisman
4 Scott Roberts Ed Quo Linda Roberts 4 Sean McMorris Bill Kagan Sharon Tooley
* Rick Gregory Debbie Gregory Carol Poto * Garrett D'Aigle Jim Semanek Berie Grobe
  * = Consolation
Bill Brault - Steve Smith - "Bill" - Kim Heiser
Gerrie Giseburt - Bill Killingsworth - "Bill" - Gerhart Vogel
2013 - Aug 25 (flyer)

A Green (8 teams)

B Green (8 teams)

1 Steve Smith Bill Brault Kim Heiser 1 Greg Hammond Brenda Wright Chuck Nesejt
2 Neil Furman Jim Olson Robin Olson 2 Howard First Tony Santos Nancy Santos
3 Ivan Hyland Roger Teske Maryna Hyland 3 Gregg Gattuso Richard Reid Holly Smith-Reid
4 Howard Harris Christine Ludwig Allan Einhorn * Roberto Moran Melanie Vizenor Tod Friedman
        * = Consolation

About the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Mixed Triples Tournament...

Bill Hiscock started bowling in 1972 at the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club. He served as President of the San Diego Club and the Coronado Club. The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club started in 1935, but was terminated for several years in the late 1990s when the lawn bowling green was destroyed while being used as a staging area for construction related to remodeling the Coronado Library.

Bill led a successful movement of interested residents of Coronado to retain and resurrect the bowling green. His tireless efforts were accordingly recognized in 2011 with the SWD's President's Award.

In 2011, he captained the Coronado Club's Team to its first championship in the SWD Five Man All Star Competition. Bill is now the only USA Bowls Hall of Fame member in San Diego County.

In 2013, Jim Olson and Ed Quo honored Bill by establishing the Bill Hiscock Two-Bowl Mixed Triples at the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club.

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