California Bears

A Women's Team Southwest Points Event
SWWD Rules

California Bears - RESULTS

Santa Anita
2017 - Sep 9 (flyer)

(7 teams)

1 Rita Greenberg Helen Mathewson Pashi Vakiva Diana Wenzel
2 Kottia Spangler Anne Nunes Dee McSparran Eva Lee
3 Joanne Hedgespeth Cheryl Barkovich Betsy Lauryssen Mary Thompson

2016 Winners

Diana Wenzel - Helen Mathewson - Rita Greenberg - Pashi Vakiva

Laguna Beach
2016 - Sep 17 (flyer)

(10 teams)

1 Margi Rambo Rosa Baer Candy DeFazio Linda Roberts
2 Maryna Hyland Heather Stewart Brenda Wright Mary Spease
3 Joanne Hedgespeth Cheryl Barkovich Betsy Lauryssen Mary Thompson
4 Eileen Lancendorfer Kim Heiser Debbie Gregory Carol Poto

2016 Winners

Rosa Baer - Candy DeFazio - Linda Roberts - Margi Rambo

2016 Players

Newport Harbor
2015 - Sep 13 (flyer)

(8 teams)

1 Kim Heiser Janice Bell Eileen Morton Debbie Gregory
2 Kottia Spangler Eva Lee Dee McSparran Anne Nunes
3 Jan Hargraves Cheryl Barkovich Joanne Hedgespeth Mary Thompson

2015 Winners

Janice Bell, Kim Heiser, Debbie Gregory and Eileen Morton

Santa Anita
2014 - Mar 16 (flyer)

(8 teams)

1 Kottia Spangler Eva Lee Anne Nunes Dee McSparran
2 Maryna Hyland Heather Stewart Brenda Wright Jo Mumma
3 Angie Salgado Laurie Richards Mary Thompson Joanne Hedgespeth

2014 Winners

Anne Nunes, Dee McSparran, Eva Lee and Kottia Spangler

Santa Anita
2013 - Mar 23 (flyer)

(8 teams)

1 Janice Bell Kim Heiser Debbie Gregory Gisela Schmid
2 Cecile Langevin Gail Hodgson Linda Roberts Jo Mumma
3 Maryna Hyland Heather Stewart Eva Lee Myrna Chan

2013 Winners

Debbie Gregory, Kim Heiser, Janice Bell and Gisela Schmid

Santa Anita
2012 - Mar 24 (flyer)

(10 teams)

1 Cecile Langevin Gisela Schmid Eileen Lancendorfer Candy DeFazio
2 Tanya Hills Rose Blennov Stephanie Johnson Carol Poto
3 Maryna Hyland Heather Stewart Eva Lee Myrna Chan
4 (tie) Gail Hodgson Jo Mumma Jo Ann LaFrenais Linda Roberts
4 (tie) Kottia Spangler Anne Nunes Cathy Herbert Rosa Baer

2012 Winners

Gisela Schmid, Eileen Lancendorfer, Cecile Langevin and Candy DeFazio

Santa Anita
2011 - Mar 26 (flyer)

(8 teams)

1 Rosa Baer Anne Nunes Cathie Herbert Juanita Jones
2 Linda Jahraus Kim Heiser Brenda Wright Debbie Gregory
3 Heather Stewart Maryna Hyland Eva Lee Dee McSparran
4 Gisela Schmid Margi Rambo Sandy Dalzell Linda Roberts

2011 Winners

Rosa Baer, Juanita Jones, Anne Nunes and Cathie Herbert

Santa Anita
2010 - Mar 27

(8 teams)

1 Kottia Spangler Rosa Gandara Cathie Herbert Anne Nunes
2 Heather Stewart Jan Hargraves Eva Lee Dee McSparran
3 Linda Jahraus Kim Heiser Brenda Wright Missy Parker


2010 Winners

Kottia Spangler, Rosa Gandara, Cathie Herbert and Anne Nunes

Santa Anita
2009 - May 17

(8 teams)

1 Jo Mumma Evelyn Tiel Verna Wallace Cecile Langevin
2 Kottia Spangler Sybil Bernash Anne Nunes Rosa Gandara


2009 Winners

Jo Mumma, Evelyn Tiel, Verna Wallace and Cecile Langevin (full size)

2009 Players

2009 Players (full size)

It was a great day for all who participated and the hospitality of the Santa Anita Bowling Green Club was as usual great. The weather was really hot up in Arcadia. Someone told me that at one point it was 95 degrees. I am sure the players felt it was much hotter, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselve and the bowling was great to watch.

Separate thanks to Gene Plunkett and Marinko Tudor for setting up the greens and then clearing up after we finished, to Gail Plunkett for her hard work in the kitchen. Also thanks to Tanya Hills who umpired through the first 2 games and then filled in for a player that had to withdraw from the last game.

Joslyn-Lake Hodges
2008 - Mar 26
1 Linda Jahraus Christine Ludwig Melanie Vizenor Brenda Wright
2 Maryna Hyland Heather Stewart Anne Nunes Katy Stone
3 Jan Hargraves Eileen Morton Carrie Fossati Dee McSparran
4 Evelyn Tiel Cecile Langevin Jo Mumma Verna Wallace

2008 Winners

Christine Ludwig, Linda Jahraus, Brenda Wright and Melanie Vizenor

A wonderful time was enjoyed by all and the weather while hot (indicated 95 degrees) was not overbearing as we had a nice breeze all day long. The greens supplied by Joslyn Lake Hodges and the hospitality from the Oaks North Club were both great. We thank both of these clubs for their support for this event and look forward to using their facilities again.