Izzie Forbes
Mix/Match Vet-Novice Triples

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Mix/Match Vet-Novice Triples - RESULTS

Tad Dutch - Candy DeFazio - Phil Dunn
Long Beach
2017 - Sep 24 (flyer)
(18 teams)
1 Phil Dunn Candy DeFazio Tad Dutch
2 Bruce Williams Norma Goodhart Randy Hatfield
3 Robert Alessi Steve Alessi Kathy
4 Robert Busciglio Flor Wright John Allen
Long Beach
2016 - Sep18 (flyer)

South Green (14 Teams)

Center Green (12 Teams)

1 Bruce WIlliams Jim Olsen Norma Goodhart 1 Keno Shaw John Arbogast Karla Jondle
2 Bob Sweetland Sandra Schlosser Chandra Tower 2 Grant Shear Candy DeFazio Steve Alessi
3 Kottia Spangler Dee McSparran Jim Filipiak 3 Scott Roberts Art Roberts Donna Roberts

Overall Winner: Norma Goodhart - Bruce Williams - Jim Olsen

Long Beach
2015 - Nov 14 (flyer)

South Green (14 Teams)

Center Green (14 Teams)

1 Marinko Tudor Margi Rambo Foster Wang 1 Kay Tong Howard Horowitz Linda Vose
2 Teemo Macchiavello Helen Mathewson Pat Kelly 2 Brian Stewart Kim Heiser Brian Mulvaney
3 Jan Hargraves Doreen Mayo Debbie Gaal 3 Charlie Herbert Cathy Herbert Larry Dunn

Overall Winner: Marinko Tudor - Margi Rambo - Foster Wang

Thank you to Long Beach for hosting the inaugural Izzie Forbes Vet Novice Triples

Long Beach
2014 - Nov 15 (flyer)

South Green (12 Teams)

Center Green (14 Teams)

1 Scott Boyd Candy DeFazio Corey Vose 1 Scott Roberts Linda Roberts Matt Bauchiero
2 Cheryl Barkovich Betsy Lauryssen Trudi Green 2 Rick Gregory Debbie Gregory Andy Vevers
3 Brian Stewart Jan Hargraves Paula Bogenrief 3 Tony DeFazio Malcolm MacDonald Mary Gaiz
4 Dan Johnson Georgie Deno John Ainsworth 4 Barry Hayes Carol Poto Grant Shear

Scott Boyd - Candy DeFazio - Corey Vose
Matt Bauchiero - Linda Roberts - Scott Roberts
Long Beach
2013 - Nov 16 (flyer)

Green #1 (12 Teams)

Green #2 (12 Teams)

1 Tony DeFazio Carol Poto Susan Rice 1 Scott Boyd Candy DeFazio Rich DeCoudres
2 Rick Gregory Jan Hargraves Paula Bogenreif 2 Bill Hiscock Kim Heiser Javier Gomez
3 Peter Ritchie Sharon Tooley Gary Weller 3 Patrick Collins Christine Collins Sarah Case
Long Beach
2012 - Nov 17 (flyer)
(18 teams)
1 Ryan Neptune Dee McSparran Jason Adams
2 Jerry Grady Jan Hargraves John Drews
3 Marinko Tudor Margi Rambo Barry Hayes
4 Kay Tong Scott Boyd Carol Poto
Long Beach
2011 - Nov 19
(18 teams)
1 Ed Quo Ted Farfaglia Candy DeFazio
2 Gil Gillespie Pauline Renshaw Jim Lee
3 Marinko Tudor Shuman Chan Juanita Jones
4 Dan Christensen Scott Boyd Carol Poto
Long Beach
2010 - Dec 11
(15 teams)
1 Ed Quo Scott Roberts Linda Roberts
2 Charlie Herbert Cathie Herbert Brett Nista
3 Liam Courtney Dee McSparran Martin Wood
Long Beach
2009 - Nov 21
(20 teams)
1 Jan Hargraves Dee McSparran George Petyo
2 Howard Harris Christine Ludwig Allan Einhorn
3 Ivan Hyland Maryna Hyland Rick Gregory
4 Michael Siddall Ian Ho Robert Aless
5 Dan Christensen Carrie Fossati Kelly Warren
6 Cecile Langevin Paul Gresbrink Debbie Gregory
Long Beach
2008 - Nov 23

Green #1

Green #2

1 Cathie Herbert Jim Kelley Missy Parker 1 Bill Hiscock Gary Fischer Lynda Borkum
2 Brian Stewart Phil Luth Chuck Muser 2 Bo Bowbeer Loyde Stewart Les Cantin
3 Charlie Herbert Rob Kost Brad Parke 3 Ben French Katy Stone Connie Melvin
4 Bill King Scott Boyd Malcolm Buxton 4 Jan Hargraves Dee McSparran George Petyo

All that attended had a wonderful time and we made new friends. The weather was wonderful till about 3:30 PM when the fog started to come in and it got quite cold for bowling. Everyone put on what they needed and we continued to the end. I have attached the picture that was taken this morning prior to our start, hope you can open it and enjoy it.

To the Long Beach LBC, I would like to say thank you for the use of your greens, which played great, and thank you for the great hospitality as usual. The team for the kitchen was great.